Electronic Transformer
Photo Categories Power Dimensions Code (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
Wire Wound Type for Signal Line/8.0×7.0×10 to 18×14×13TWSTWP/TWS PDF2016.01.29
Wire Wound Type for Power Line2.5 to 15W8.0×7.0×10 to 20×17×14TWP
Wire Wound Type for Power LineMax. 3W7.0×4.0×3.0RTSBRTSB PDF2019.09.04
Planar Type for Power Line25 to 200W22×19×10 to 33.5×25.5×13TPPTPP PDF2016.06.29
Notice for Sunlord Products
Inductor for High Ferquency
Photo Category Inductance Rated Current Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog S Parameter
Multilayer/High Q0.2 to 33nH90 to 320mA0402
[01005 inch]
SDCL0402H-01SDCL0402H-01 PDF 2015.04.09SDCL0402H-012020.04.08
Multilayer/High Q0.1 to 120nH50 to 900mA0603
[0201 inch]
SDCL0603Q-02BSDCL0603Q-02B PDF2016.10.21
Multilayer/STD0.6 to 360nH50 to 800mA1005
[0402 inch]
SDCL1005C SDCL-D PDF2013.07.08SDCL-D2020.04.08
1.0 to 470nH150 to 500mA1608
[0603 inch]
Multilayer/High Q0.2 to 33nH120 to 990mA0402
[01005 inch]
HQ0402HHQ-H PDF2018.05.25HQ-H2020.04.08
0.6 to 47nH130 to 1000mA0603
[0201 inch]
0.2 to 56nH100 to 1000mA0402
[01005 inch]
HQ0402QHQ-Q PDF2018.05.25
0.6 to 150nH80 to 1100mA0603
[0201 inch]
Multilayer/Supper Q1.4 to 15nH140 to 400mA0402
[01005 inch]
UHQ0402HUHQ PDF 2019.10.12
Multilayer/High Q1.0 to 15nH430 to 1000mA1005
[0402 inch]
HQ1005HQ PDF2013.07.08HQ2020.04.08
Multilayer/High SRF1.0 to 100nH 100 to 500mA1005
[0402 inch]
SDHL1005 SDHL PDF2013.07.08SDHL2020.04.08
10 to 180nH150 to 500mA1608
[0603 inch]
Wire Wound/STD0.8 to 120nH110 to 1000mA1.1×0.6×0.55MWSD1005C MWSD-C PDF2018.05.10MWSD-C2020.04.08
Wire Wound1.3 to 120nH100 to 1200mA1005
[0402 inch]
MWSD1005C-M MWSD1005C-M PDF2020.06.20MWSD1005C-M2020.04.08
1.3 to 75nH320 to 3150mA1005
[0402 inch]
MWSD1005C-M8X MWSD1005C-M8X PDF2020.06.20
Wire Wound/STD1.6 to 560nH70 to 1150mA1608
[0603 inch]
SDWL1608C SDWL-C PDF2014.03.12SDWL-C2020.04.08
2.2 to 1000nH150 to 600mA2012
[0805 inch]
4.7 to 8200nH150 to 1000mA2520
[1008 inch]
3.3 to 1200nH300 to1000mA3216
[1206 inch]
3.9 to 8600nH200 to 1000mA3225
[1210 inch]
1000 to 33000nH145 to 480mA4532
[1812 inch]
Wire Wound2.2 to 470nH75 to 1400mA 1608
[0603 inch]
SDWL1608C-M SDWL-C-M PDF2013.07.08SDWL-C-M2020.04.08
Wire Wound1.6 to 390nH100 to 700mA1608
[0603 inch]
SDWL1608C-N01SDWL-C-N PDF2019.05.09SDWL-C-N2020.04.08
Lower DCR and Hight Q1.0 to 51nH360 to 2300mA1005
[0402 inch]
SDWL1005-CPSDWL-CP/CH PDF2020.06.20
56 to 220nH160 to 330mA1005
[0402 inch]
1.8 to 390nH170 to 2100mA1608
[0603 inch]
2.6 to 820nH180 to 2000mA2012
[0805 inch]
Inductor for Signal Line
Photo Category Inductance Rated Current Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
Multilayer/STD0.047 to 3.3μH10 to 25mA1005
[0402 inch]
SDFL1005 SDFL PDF2018.05.10
0.047 to 33μH1 to 50mA1608
[0603 inch]
0.047 to 47μH4 to 300mA2012
[0805 inch]
0.047 to 47μH5 to 300mA3216
[1206 inch]
Wire Wound0.0049 to 22μH70 to 2600mA1608 0603 inchWL1608FSWL-FS PDF2013.07.08
Wire Wound33 to 200nH110 to 340mA0.53×0.4×0.4MWSD0603FMWSD-F PDF2018.09.26
27 to 560nH90 to 480mA0.76×0.43×0.57MWDS0703F
22 to 2200nH170 to 1600mA1.1×0.6×0.55MWSD1005F
18 to 2200nH170 to 2200mA1.1×0.6×0.55MWSD1005F-M01
2.2 to 47μH100 to 580mA1608
[0603 inch]
2.2 to 22μH340 to 1040mA2012
[0805 inch]
Wire Wound/STD0.27 to 68μH40 to 350mA2012
[0805 inch]
SDWL2012FW SDWL-FW PDF2013.07.08
0.33 to 10μH300 to 700mA2520
[1008 inch]
1.5 to 18μH130 to 320mA3216
[1206 inch]
0.12 to12μH140 to 450mA3225
[1210 inch]
Wire Wound3.7μH/5.5×2.0×2.0
MTNF MTNF PDF 2017.05.10
Inductor for Power Line
Photo Category Inductance Rated Current Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
Multilayer/STD, For Choke0.1 to 10μH50 to 700mA1608
[0603 inch]
MCL1608 MCL PDF2013.07.08
0.1 to 10μH60 to 1000mA2012
[0805 inch]
Multilayer For NFC0.077 to 0.56μH250 to 550mA1005
[0402 inch]
MCL1005N MCL-N PDF2018.05.10
0.077 to 0.82μH400 to 1100mA1608
[0603 inch]
Multilayer/STD0.22 to 4.7μH65 to 1200mA1608
[0603 inch]
MPH1608 MPH PDF2017.05.08
0.22 to 10 μH110 to 1200mA2012
[0805 inch]
0.47 to 10μH200 to 1500mA2016
[0806 inch]
0.47 to 10μH250 to 2100mA2520
[1008 inch]
Multilayer/STD1.0 to 4.7μH180 to 450mA2012
[0805 inch]
MCL2012A MCL-A PDF2016.07.15
1.0 to 4.7μH100 to 900mA2016
[0806 inch]
1.5 to 4.7μH250 to 600mA2520
[1008 inch]
Magnetic Shielded(Large Isat)0.24 to 10μH2.8 to 4.8A 2.0×1.2×1.0WPN201210UF WPN PDF 2013.08.16
0.47 to 1.0μH2.8 to 4.6A 2.0×1.6×0.8WPN201608UF
0.12 to 10μH0.80 to 9.5A 2.0×1.6×1.0WPN201610H/
0.24 to 2.2μH1.70 to 5.85A2.0×1.6×1.2WPN201612H
0.16 to 10μH0.90 to 10A2.5×2.0×1.0WPN252010H/
0.24 to 10μH1.10 to 8A2.5×2.0×1.2WPN252012H/
1.5 to 10μH1.35 to 3.40A3.0×3.0×1.2WPN3012H/
0.33 to 10μH1.05 to 10.30A4.0×4.0×1.2WPN4012H/WPN4012HS
0.22 to 10μH2.8 to 18.7A4.0×4.0×2.0WPN4020H
Wire Wound/Shielded Type with Magnetic Glue, Low DCR0.16 to 10μH0.50 to 4.30A2.0×1.6×1.0SPH201610HSPH PDF2013.07.08
0.05 to 3.3μH0.80 to 7.50A2.0×1.6×1.0SPH201610U
0.16 to 33μH0.35 to 5.20A2.0×2.0×1.2SPH202012H
0.24 to 33μH0.25 to 3.60A2.5×2.0×1.0SPH252010H
0.16 to 82μH0.21 to 6.50A2.5×2.0×1.2SPH252012H
1.0 to 22μH0.50 to 2.20A3.0×3.0×1.2SPH3012H
0.1 to 100μH0.23 to 4.6 A3.0×3.0×1.5SPH3015H
0.33 to 100μH0.25 to 2.80A4.0×4.0×1.2SPH4012H
0.33 to 330μH0.26 to 6.50A4.0×4.0×1.8SPH4018H
0.10 to 2.2μH2.95 to 17.0A4.0×4.0×3.0SPH4030H
1.0 to 47μH1.10 to 7.80A8.0×8.0×3.0SPH8030H
Wire Wound/STD, Shielded Type with Magnetic Glue0.22 to 22μH0.4 to 2.7A2.5×2.0×1.0SWPA252010SSWPA PDF2013.07.08
0.22 to 33μH0.38 to 2.2A2.5×2.0×1.2SWPA252012S
0.47 to 56μH0.21 to 1.44A3.0×3.0×1.0SWPA3010S
0.22 to 100μH0.21 to 5.30A3.0×3.0×1.2SWPA3012S
0.22 to 220μH0.16 to 3.25A3.0×3.0×1.5SWPA3015S
1.0 to 22μH0.45 to 2.0A4.0×4.0×1.0SWPA4010S
0.47 to 100μH0.25 to 3.3A4.0×4.0×1.2SWPA4012S
0.22 to 220μH0.27 to 5.5A4.0×4.0×1.8SWPA4018S
0.22 to 220μH0.30 to 5.0A4.0×4.0×2.0SWPA4020S
1.0 to 330μH0.40 to 3.30A4.0×4.0×2.6SWPA4026S
0.47 to 680μH0.19 to 5.20A4.0×4.0×3.0SWPA4030S
0.22 to 100μH0.33 to 3.0A5.0×5.0×1.2SWPA5012S
0.22 to 560μH0.20 to 5.30A5.0×5.0×2.0SWPA5020S
0.22 to 680μH0.3 to 18A5.0×5.0×4.0SWPA5040S
1.5 to 33μH1.13 to 5.20A5.0×5.0×4.5SWPA5045S
0.5 to 330μH0.27 to 4.50A6.0×6.0×2.0SWPA6020S
0.82 to 380μH0.23to 6.50A6.0×6.0×2.8SWPA6028S
1.0 to 470μH0.42 to 7.85A6.0×6.0×4.0SWPA6040S
0.47 to 820μH0.36 to 15.0A6.0×6.0×4.5SWPA6045S
0.82 to 820μH0.53 to 13.8A8.0×8.0×4.0SWPA8040S
0.68 to 680μH0.85 to 7.0A8.0×8.0×6.5SWPA8065S
Wire Wound, Shielded Type50 to100nH17 to 35A4.1×4.0×4.0WPZ040404 WPZ PDF 2017.05.10
100 to 150nH22 to 35A5.2×5.0×6.6WPZ050506
55 to 150nH27 to 70A5.2×5.2×6.5WPZ050507S001
100 to 200nH25 to 50A6.4×6.4×5.3WPZ060605S001
72 to 226nH8.5 to 27A7.3×6.8×4.2WPZ070704
72 to 150nH34 to 58A7.0×7.0×5.0WPZ070705S002
32 to 200nH18 to 115A7.3×7.5×5.5WPZ080805
100 to 300nH32.5 to 94A6.4×9.6×8.0WPZ090608S002
70 to 280nH36 to 145A9.6×6.4×10.0/9.6×6.6×10.0WPZ090610S002
70 to 175nH31 to 78A7.5×9.5×4.0WPZ090704
100 to 300nH26 to 80A7.5×9.5×9.0WPZ090709
70 to 330nH35 to 175A10.0×6.0×12.0WPZ100612S002
100 to 300nH21 to 63A7.0×10.2×5.0/10.25×7.0×5.2WPZ100705
115 to 330nH28 to 94A8.0×10.3×7.0/10.4×8.0×7.5WPZ100807
150 to 200nH50 to 70A8.1×10.1×7.5WPZ100808
100 to 300nH26 to 80A10.0×10.0×3.35WPZ101003S001
100 to 500nH26 to 120A10.0×10.0×6.0WPZ101006S001
100 to 200nH45 to 90A10.6×6.3×8.1WPZ110608S001
70 to 510nH18 to 150A7.4×11.0×7.7WPZ110707
150 to 250nH52 to 85A8.0×12.0×8.1WPZ120808
110 to 440nH16 to 65A8.5×13.5×2.9WPZ130803
110 to 440nH35 to 140A13.7×12.8×8.1WPZ131308
180 nH49A7.0×15.65×5.6WPZ151506
160 nH55A15.3×11.3×3.0WPZ161203
250 nH30A11.4×18×3.0WPZ181103
Wire Wound
(Mini Molded)
1.0μH2.1A2.0×1.2×0.65MWTC2012065 MWTC PDF 2020.02.13
0.47 to 1.0μH2.3 to 3.1A2.0×1.2×0.8MWTC201208
0.11 to 2.2μH1.8 to 7.1A2.0×1.2×1.0MWTC201210
0.47 to 1.0μH2.8 to 3.5A2.0×1.6×0.65MWTC2016065
0.24 to 1.0μH3.0 to 4.9A2.0×1.6×0.8MWTC201608
0.33 to 4.7μH1.5 to 4.5A2.0×1.6×1.0MWTC201610
0.47 to 4.7μH1.6 to 4.8A2.5×2.0×1.0MWTC252010
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded1.0 to 330μH0.50 to 7.0A12.5×12.5×5.0SWRB1204S SWRB-S PDF2013.07.08
1.0 to 680μH0.48 to 8.0A12.5×12.5×6.0SWRB1205S
1.0 to 1000μH0.55 to 10.0A12.5×12.5×8.0SWRB1207S
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded3.3 to 330μH0.19 to 1.94A7.0×6.8×3.0SWRH0602B SWRH-B PDF2013.07.08
10 to 470μH0.20 to 1.35A7.0×6.8×5.0SWRH0604B
2.2 to 560μH0.22 to 3.0A7.8×7.8×4.0SWRH0703B
10 to 560μH0.23 to 1.84A7.8×7.8×5.0SWRH0704B
2.2 to 470μH0.36 to 4.0A10.5×10.5×5.0SWRH1004B
1.0 to 470μH0.25 to 7.0A12.5×12.5×5.0SWRH1204B
1.0 to 1000μH0.40 to 8.0A12.5×12.5×6.0SWRH1205B
1.0 to 1000μH0.55 to 10.0A12.5×12.5×8.0SWRH1207B
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded1.0 to 1000μH0.23 to 6.50A10.6×10.5×3.0SWRH1003C SWRH-C PDF2013.07.08
1.5 to 330μH0.52 to 6.50A10.6×10.5×4.0SWRH1004C
3.3 to 820μH0.48 to 6.0A10.6×10.5×5.2SWRH1005C
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded2.5 to 100μH0.75 to 4.50A10.1×8.3×3.0SWRH8D28C SWRH-DC PDF2013.07.08
1.5 to 100μH0.88 to 6.0A10.1×8.3×4.0SWRH8D38C
2.0 to 100μH0.80 to 5.50A10.1×8.3×4.5SWRH8D43C
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded1.2 to 10μH0.35 to 0.90A3.3×3.3×1.3SWRH2D11R SWRH-DR PDF2013.07.08
1.5 to 12μH0.62 to 1.80A3.3×3.3×1.6SWRH2D14R
22.2 to 47μH0.20 to 0.85A3.3×3.3×2.1SWRH2D18R
22.7 to 39μH0.14 to 0.50A4.2×4.2×1.3SWRH3D11R
1.5 to 22μH0.52 to 1.85A4.2×4.2×1.6SWRH3D14R
1.5 to 33μH0.32 to 1.55A4.2×4.2×1.8SWRH3D16R
Wire Wound/STD, Magnetic Shielded1.5 to 33μH0.32 to 1.35A4.2×4.2×1.8SWRH3D16S SWRH-DS PDF2013.07.08
3.3 to 47μH0.35 to 1.45A4.2×4.2×2.1SWRH3D18S
3.3 to 47μH0.48 to 2.0A4.2×4.2×3.2SWRH3D28S
1.0 to 150μH0.15 to 1.72A5.0×5.0×2.0SWRH4D18S
11.0 to 150μH0.24 to 2.60A5.0×5.0×3.0SWRH4D28S
3.3 to 150μH0.31 to 2.0A6.0×6.0×2.0SWRH5D18S
2.2 to330μH0.25 to 2.60A6.0×6.0×3.0SWRH5D28S
3.3 to 1000μH0.14 to 2.80A7.0×7.0×3.0SWRH6D28S
1.5 to 1000μH0.20 to 5.20A7.0×7.0×4.0SWRH6D38S
Fine Ceramic Products
Zirconia Back Cover
Photo Categories Dimensions Code
Application Series Catalog
Zirconia Back CoverCustomized, Thickness: 0.3~0.9mmBack cover for portable devices such as mobile phone, MID, smart watch, smart band, etc.ZBCZBC PDF2017.06.09
Customized Components
NFC Product
Photo Categories Magnetic Permeability Dimensions Code mm Series Catalog
Ferrite SheetReal :150 Max.; Imaginary:3~5.;Customized, Thickness 0.8/0.10/0.12/0.14 Max.FS FS PDF2013.07.08
Photo Categories Application Frequency Dimensions Code (LxWxH)mm Series Catalog
Ferrite Flexible Antenna13.56MHzCustomized, Thickness 0.125-0.3 Max.MNFAMNFA PDF2013.07.08
Wireless Charging Coil Assembly
Photo Categories Application Dimensions Code (LxW)mm IC Platform Qi Standard Series Catalog
Wireless Charging CoilRx & TxDepending on Standard of WPC or Customer's Requirement//MQQ/MQAMQQ/MQA PDF2020.06.20
Wireless Charging CoilRx6×6LTC 4126/MQQMQQRC060630S8R02017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilTx15×15IDT P9027/MQQMQQTC151520S6R32017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilTx20×20LTC6992/MQQMQQTC202030S2R52017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilTx20×20LTC6992/MQQMQQTC202030S2R72017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilTx20×20LTC6992/MQQMQQTC202030S2R92017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilRx30×30IDT P9027/MQQMQQRR303008S8R22017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilRx38×32IDT P9025/MQQMQQRR383209S1102017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilRx50×50IDT P9221,
Wireless Charging CoilRx50×50IDT P9221,
Wireless Charging CoilTx50×50IDT P9238 NXP
Wireless Charging CoilTx50×50LTC4126A10MQQMQQTC505035S2402017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilRx51×40IDT P9221P/MQQMQQRR514009S8R32017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilTx107×52IDT P9036BMP-A6MQQMQQTR1075240S1202017.11.17
Wireless Charging CoilRx12x12IDT 9027/MQQMQQRC121208S8R52019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilRx20×20Nuvolta Wearables/MQQMQQRR202008S1202019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilRx46x40 NXP MWPR1516
Wireless Charging CoilRx48x32Nuvolta Nu1610/MQQMQQRR483211S1002019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilRx50x50Nuvolta 1618/MQQMQQRR505003S8R2Y012019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx20x20ST STWBC-WA
NuVolta Wearables
Wireless Charging CoilTx30x30 ST STWBC-WA/MQQMQQTC303020S6R32019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx47x47NXP MWCT1000CFMMP-A11MQQMQQTE474738E6R3Y012019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx53x53NXP MWCT1000CFMMP-A5MQQMQQTR535360S1002019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx70x55IDT 9245A28MQQMQQTR705539S6R92019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilRx12x10Linear LTC4123/MQQMQQRE121017S1302019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx or Rx50x50IDT 9036BA11MQQSWA50N50H30C09B2019.04.01
Wireless Charging CoilTx or Rx53x53IDT 9240
NuVolta 15W
Wireless Charging CoilRx50x40IDT 9221-P
IDT P9225-R
Magnetic Sheet for Wireless Charging
Photo Categories Magnetic Permeability Dimensions Code
Series Catalog
Ferrite SheetReal :650 Max.; Imaginary:15 Max..;Customized, Thickness 0.10~0.50MQF MQF PDF2018.08.08
Nano Crystalline SheetReal :1000 Max.; Imaginary:100 Max..;Customized, Thickness 0.095~0.140MQN MQN PDF2018.08.08
Printed Circuit Board
Photo Categories Application Catalog
Stamp Hole Module Board (HDI or Through-hole)Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth module, etc. PCB PDF2014.09.02
HDI Board (4, 6, 8 Layers etc. )Consummer electronics, such as LCD-TV, STB, etc.;
Communication End, such as Mobile phone, MID etc.
Through-hole Board (4, 6, 8 Layers etc. )
Notice for Sunlord Products
NTC Thermistors
Photo Category Structure [email protected] Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
Chip Temperature Sensing NTC ThermistorSMD Type10kΩ to 100kΩ0603 [0201 inch]SDNT0603SDNT PDF2013.07.08
SMD Type4.7kΩ to 470kΩ1005 [0402 inch]SDNT1005
SMD Type2.2kΩ to 220kΩ1608 [0603 inch]SDNT1608
SMD Type3.3kΩ to 1300kΩ2012 [0805 inch]SDNT2012
PTC Thermistor
Photo Category Structure Hold [email protected] Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
Chip Polymer PTC ThermistorSMD Type0.1A to 0.5A1608 [0603 inch]SPP1608PSPP PDF 2015.04.30
SMD Type0.1A to 1.1A2012 [0805 inch]SPP2012P
SMD Type0.75A to 3.0A2012 [0805 inch]SPP2012PL
SMD Type0.05A to 2.0A3216 [1206 inch]SPP3216P
SMD Type1.1A to 7.5A3216 [1206 inch]SPP3216PL
SMD Type0.05A to 2.6A3225 [1210 inch]SPP3225P
SMD Type1.1A to 7.5A3225 [1210 inch]SPP3225PL
SMD Type0.1A to 3.0A4532 [1812 inch]SPP4532P
SMD Type0.3A to 3.0A7550 [2920 inch]SPP7550P
Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Element
Photo Category Accuracy Pressure Range Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
Sensor±1%FS0.5 to 10 Mpa21/08 inchCCP CCP PDF2019.05.08
EMC Components
Notice for Sunlord Products
Multilayer Chip Ferrite Bead
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Low Speed Signal LineSTD0603 [0201 inch]GZ0603GZ PDF2013.07.08
1005 [0402 inch]GZ1005
1608 [0603 inch]GZ1608
2012 [0805 inch]GZ2012
3216 [1206 inch]GZ3216
Lower DCR1005 [0402 inch]GZ1005-CGZ-C PDF2013.07.08
1608 [0603 inch]GZ1608-C
for High Speed Signal LineSTD0603 [0201 inch]SZ0603SZ PDF2013.07.08
1005 [0402 inch]SZ1005
1608 [0603 inch]SZ1608
2012 [0805 inch]SZ2012
Lower DCR1005 [0402 inch]SZ1005-C SZ-C PDF 2013.07.08
1608 [0603 inch]SZ1608-C
for Power LineSTD0603 [0201 inch]PZ0603PZ PDF2013.07.08
1005 [0402 inch]PZ1005
1608 [0603 inch]PZ1608
2012 [0805 inch]PZ2012
3216 [1206 inch]PZ3216
4516/1806 ihchPZ4516
Lower DCR, Ultra Large Current0603 [0201 inch]UPZ0603 UPZ PDF 2019.06.20
1005 [0402 inch]UPZ1005
1608 [0603 inch]UPZ1608
2012 [0805 inch]UPZ2012
Lower DCR, Extra High Current1005 [0402 inch]EPZ1005 EPZ PDF 2013.07.08
4030 [1612 inch]EPZ4030
for High Frequency Noise SuppressionSTD1005 [0402 inch]HZ1005 HZ PDF2013.07.08
1608 [0603 inch]HZ1608
Lower DRC, Larger Current1005 [0402 inch]HPZ1005 HPZ PDF 2013.07.08
1608 [0603 inch]HPZ1608
for Audio FilterHigh Speed Signal1005 [0402 inch]MZAH1005 MZA PDF 2017.05.10
1608 [0603 inch]MZAH1608
High Frequency Noise1005 [0402 inch]MZAS1005
1608 [0603 inch]MZAS1608
2016 [0806 inch]MZAS2016
3225 [1210 inch]MZAS3225
Wire Wound Chip Ferrite Bead
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Power LineLower DRC, Larger
3.0 X 3.0 X 1.5mmSPH3015HZSPH-Z PDF?2020.06.20
Chip 3-Terminal Filter
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Signal linePI Type Filter1608 [0603 inch]MFL1608SPMFL PDF2013.07.08
2012 [0805 inch]MFL2012SP
Common Mode Filter
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for USB2.0, IEEE1394, LVDSWire Wound /for 2 Lines2012 [0805 inch]SDCW2012 SDCW PDF2013.07.08
3216 [1206 inch]SDCW3216
for USB2.0, IEEE1394, LVDSWire Wound /for 2 Lines1210 [0504 inch]SDCW1210-S SDCW-S PDF2013.07.08
1608 [0603 inch]SDCW1608-S
2520 [1008 inch]SDCW2520-S
3225 [1210 inch]SDCW3225-S
4532 [1812 inch]SDCW4532-S
for USB2.0, IEEE1394, LVDSWire Wound /for 2 Lines2012 [0805 inch]SDCW2012-CSDCW-C PDF2013.07.08
for HDMI,DVIWire Wound /for 2 Lines1210 [0504 inch]SDCW1210-H SDCW-H PDF2013.07.08
2012 [0805 inch]SDCW2012-H
for HDMI,DVI& Low ProfileWire Wound /for 2 Lines2012 [0805 inch]SDCW2012-CH SDCW-CH PDF2015.04.09
for USB3.0Wire Wound /for 2 Lines1210 [0504 inch]SDCW1210-U SDCW-U PDF2013.07.08
2012 [0805 inch]SDCW2012-U
for MIPI, MHLMultilayer /for 2 Lines0806 [0302 inch]SDMM0806SDMM PDF2020.05.06
Circuit Protection Components
Notice for Sunlord Products
Multilayer Varistor
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working DC Voltage Typical [email protected], 1MHz Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Signal LineSMD Single Type5.5V to 30V120pF to 820pF1608
[0603 inch]
SDV-A SDV PDF2013.07.08
5.5V to 30V180pF to 2000pF2012
[0805 inch]
SMD Single Type5.5V to 26V15pF to 100pF1005
[0402 inch]
5.5V to 26V18pF to 100pF1608
[0603 inch]
5.5V to 30V18pF to 100pF2012
[0805 inch]
SMD Single Type14V to 26V0.5pF to 12pF1005
[0402 inch]
14V to 48V0.5pF to 12pF1608
[0603 inch]
SMD Single Type5.5V to 18V0.5pF to 12pF1005
[0402 inch]
5.5V to 18V0.5pF to 12pF1608
[0603 inch]
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working Voltage Peak Current 8/20us Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Voltage Surge SuppressionSMD Single TypeVdc: 5.5V to 100V150A to 250A3216
[1206 inch]
SDVL3216SDSDVL PDF2013.07.08
SMD Single TypeVdc: 5.5V to 100V200A to 400A3225
[1210 inch]
SMD Single TypeVdc: 5.5V to 100V500A to 800A4532
[1812 inch]
SMD Single TypeVdc: 5.5V to 100V800A to 1200A5650
[2220 inch]
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working Voltage Peak Current 8/20us Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Super High Voltage SuppressionSMD Single TypeVac: 150V to 275V70A to 180A2016
[0806 inch]
SVMH2016SVMH PDF 2017.05.10
SMD Single TypeVac: 150V to 300V100A to 300A3216
[1206 inch]
SMD Single TypeVac: 150V to 300V200A to 600A3225
[1210 inch]
SMD Single TypeVac: 150V to 300V400A to 800A4532
[1812 inch]
SMD Single TypeVac: 150V to 300V800A to 1500A5650
[2220 inch]
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working Voltage Peak Current 8/20us Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for High Energy Type SuppressionSMD Single TypeVdc: 18V to 65V5000A to 10000A5650
[2220 inch]
SDVL5650-HPSDVL-HP PDF 2017.05.10
Glass Ceramic ESD Supperssor
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working DC Voltage Typical [email protected], 1MHz Dimensions Code JIS/EIA Series Catalog
for Ultra High Speed Line (USB3.0, HDMI)SMD Single Type5.5V to 15V0.05pF to 0.1pF1005 [0402 inch]GESD1005 GESD PDF2014.04.21
5.5V to 15V0.05pF to 0.1pF1608 [0805 inch]GESD1608
Leaded Varistor for Voltage Surge Suppression
Photo Applications Structure Max. Working AC Voltage Peak Current 8/20us Diameter of Cremic Body Series Catalog
for AC/DC Lines?Pin Type11V to 460V100A to 400AΦ5mmVPR05VPR PDF2014.03.13
Pin Type11V to 510V250A to 1200AΦ7mmVPR07
Pin Type11V to 680V500A to 2500AΦ10mmVPR10
Pin Type130V to 680V4500AΦ14mmVPR14
Pin Type130V to 680V6500AΦ20mmVPR20
RF Components
Notice for Sunlord Products
RF Product(Filter)
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
for 2.4GHz W-LAN/Bluetooth, 5.0GHz W-LAN, 3.6GHz WiMAX,Base Staition,etcBand-pass1.0×0.5×0.38SLFB15SLFB PDF2013.07.08
for 2.4GHz W-LAN/Bluetooth, 5.0GHz W-LAN, 3.6GHz WiMAX,etcLow-pass0.6×0.5×0.6SLFL06 SLFL PDF2013.07.08
for 2.4GHz W-LAN/BluetoothMultilayer Chip Balance Filter2.0×1.2×0.95SLFBF21SLFBF PDF2013.07.08
for GSM850/DCS/PCS 2.4GHz/5GHzMultilayer Chip Diplexer1.6×0.8×0.60SLFD18SLFD PDF2013.07.08
for GPS 2.4GHz/5GHzMultilayer Chip Triplexer2.0×1.2×0.95SLFT21SLFT PDF 2015.04.30
for Low-band/Middle-band/High-bandCoupler1.6×0.8×0.60SLCP18SLCP PDF 2016.06.13
RF Product(Antenna)
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
for 2.4GHz W-LAN/BluetoothMultilayer Chip Antenna2.0×1.2×0.85SLDA21SLDA PDF2013.07.08
RF Product(Balun)
Photo Applications Categories Dimensions (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
for GSM850/DCS/PCS Tx & Rx,
2.4GHz W-LAN/Bluetooth,
5.0GHz W-LAN
Multilayer Chip Balun0.6×0.5×0.6SLBL06SLBL PDF2013.07.08
for TV TunerWire Wound Chip Balun Transformer2.0×1.2×1.2BW21S/BW21CBW PDF2013.07.08
Notice for Sunlord Products
Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors
Photo Categories Application Dimensions Code (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
MnO2 Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitorfor IndustrialA(3.2×1.6×1.8)TC211TC2 PDF2013.07.08
Low ESRA(3.2×1.6×1.8)TC212
Polymer Solid Tantalum Chip CapacitorUltra low ESRB(3.5×2.8×2.1)TC311TC3 PDF2013.07.08
Polymer Solid Tantalum Chip CapacitorHigh VoltageB(3.5×2.8×2.1)TC312
Niobium Oxide Capacitor
Photo Categories Application Dimensions Code (LxWxT)mm Series Catalog
Solid Niobium Oxide Chip Capacitorfor IndustrialA(3.2×1.6×1.8)NC211 NC PDF2013.07.08
Notice for Sunlord Products

Product specifications in this Catalog are as of May 2019. They are subject to change without advance notice. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers before ordering.

All information and data presented in this Catalog are for information only. Please contact us for detail product specification. You are requested to approve our product specification for product specification before your ordering.

This catalog contains the typical product due to the limitation of space. Please contact our sales representatives or product engineers when you didn’t find the suitable product in this catalogue.

All products listed in this catalog are developed, designed and intended for use in general electronics equipment. The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the applications listed below, whose performance and/or quality require especially high reliability, or whose failure, malfunction or trouble might directly cause damage to society, person, or property. Please understand that we are not responsible for any damage or liability caused by use of the products in any of the applications below. Please contact us for more details if you intend to use our products in the following applications.

1.Aircraft equipment
2.Aerospace equipment
3.Undersea equipment
4.nuclear control equipment
5.military equipment
6.Power plant equipment
7.Medical equipment
8.Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships,etc.)
9.Traffic signal equipment
10.Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment
11.Data-processing equipment
12.Applications of similar complexity or with reliability requirements comparable to the applications listed in the above

Updated information on our products is also available through the internet home page at the following address: